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You think you know about Lyme Disease... part 2

The last post inspired me to share some of the odd, and not so odd, confusing, funny, sometimes shocking things I've heard from people when I tell them I have Chronic Lyme Disease (Don't feel bad if you've ever said one of these.... I'm sure I did before I knew about Lyme):

"What is that?"

"Limes? Limes disease?"

"Oh! I had Lymes once! You'll get over it in a few days."

"It's the bulls-eye rash thing, right?"

"Where were you? We don't have that here..."

"My friend's brother's cousin's uncle had it." Then they launch into a long drawn out story that has nothing to do with Lyme...

"You should do peroxide IVs!"

"You should get tested for Lupus."

"You should get tested for MS."

"You should get tested for Fibro/CFS."

"You should try [insert pscyh med here]."

"When were you in Africa?"

"Isn't that a virus from Africa?"

"When were you overseas?"

"I didn't think that was in our country."

"At least it's not cancer!"

And this one takes the cake:

"I love Limes. Have you ever had Limeade? It is so much better than Lemonade! Too bad they aren't in season right now..."
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