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Starting new treatment...

I haven't been writing as much because of an increase of neurological symptoms: word confusion, twitching, problems with hand coordination, concentration, and forgetting.

More than once, I've forgotten how to type. It usually only lasts a few hours, but it is still a very freaky feeling: Knowing you know how to do something, yet cannot remember even a tiny bit.....

The Babesia has been cycling nonstop. This means that every 4-6 days I feel like I'm getting the flu. Each cycle gets worse, so each cycle gets more "flu" convincing. I have to remind myself this is how it goes: I feel like I'm coming down with a bad flu for 2-3 days, then it just goes away and I feel okay for a day or two, then it starts all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm also getting a lot of skin symptoms - the odd hive like bumps, little red blister type bumps, the pin prick spots all over my arms.... The skin issues are related to Bartonella, for me.

So this means all my infections are much more active.

Because of that: We are starting a new treatment. Today.

Here's all my drugs, my little wine refrigerator.... Wish it had wine! LOL It is full of Mepron! Got my white board and my med schedule up, and my "herx kit". But most of that is just pills and tinctures....

Will continue with the PR treatment - the herbals that I'm on, the low fat vegan diet....

I will be adding:

Amoxicillin - 3,500 mg daily - this will be lowered or raised depending on blood concentration - so will do labs in a few weeks.

Azithromycin - 1,000 mg dail

Malarone -3 tabs daily

Mepron -  3 tsp daily




I will also be taking Sacro-B which is a very high dose probiotic recommended during antibiotic treatment.

For the Bartonella, I will continue with A-Bart. The best antibiotics (for me) for Bartonella are the quinolones, so I have to wait to treat this because quinolone antibiotics and macrolides don't mix.

I know this treatment will help make a serious dent in things... I'm just not looking forward to the herx from this... But I'm ready to get started. Well, as ready as I can be.

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