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Healing through Yoga - restart

I'm bringing this back.... I posted it at the end of last August: Healing through Art & Yoga

I did introduce yoga back into my life, but not daily. With the holidays, treatments stopping and starting, it was just too much. I am bringing it back, though.... because I won't give up.

The great thing about Yoga is that it isn't competitive or about how your skill level... it isn't a "sport" at all.... it is a lifestyle. And starting over is welcomed in yoga, failure is welcomed in yoga. Yoga embodies more than most understand. Yes "yoga" as we know it, is a series of positions on a mat. Positions that many people insist they will never get into, so yoga is not for them.

However, Yoga is much more than that. In fact, to practice yoga, you don't even have to get into those positions. Those positions without yoga, are just acrobatics. Yoga is a mindset, it is a spiritual connection, it is a life, not a body posture.

So since my body will not allow me to do a physical yoga practice every day, I am going to do my best to practice some form of yoga every day. It is a lifestyle, however I will try to bring notice to a specific "practice" every day.

I may not journal about it here, but will try to update on it at least once a month.

365 yoga

I still do the collages.... I just don't post them often. See the sidebar for updates and links :)
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