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Strange bumps

I'm slowly getting to the ILADS videos... my goal is to do notes on each one. Please be patient with me. I'm trying to do 1-2 a week right now. My hands have a lot of arthritis so it gets pretty hard toward the end of typing there. But this information is so important to people.

I'm having weird skin stuff going on right now. Tiny little hives that look almost bug bite like... yet they aren't bites. I've gotten them before but in the past I just thought they were bug bites! However, not so much now.

Usually they appear in one area - one arm, one leg, my hip, my chest. Right now they are on both knees.

I get these stabbing electric pains shooting up from the inside, and then in an hour or so a bump appears. They are tiny, usually 1-4 at a time, and they itch like crazy. So after itching them they turn red and look like a bug bite.

Yesterday I was typing and after I was done I had 2 bumps on my knee.... They weren't there a hour before, and then they suddenly appeared.

Overnight half a dozen more sprung up. A small handful on one knee, a half dozen on the other. All on my knee, the lower area of the joint....

Usually when my lyme is growing my joints itch. It's most often my ankle and finger joints. But sometimes my knees.

I'm hoping these bumps are a good sign that there has been some die-off.

All I can do is hope.
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