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Rant - CT shooter & Lyme discussions.... stop them now

I just read a sickening post that is on the Under Our Skin FB page.... Linked to another blog talking about this:

How the CT shooter should be tested for Lyme Disease.

Now - I know that Lyme is a massive problem that needs attention and heaven knows it deserves attention! We all want a cure.... heck, we'd settle for the true face of Lyme Disease to be CDC/IDSA standards.... which would then give more funding, etc. But at least our doctors could safely treat us the way they see fit.

But to say the CT shooter had Lyme Disease and that his horrific actions were a product of Lyme Rage is... in my opinion.... going to do more harm than good to the Lyme community.

Many people already discredit our illness. But to pin something so evil and monstrous on Lyme Disease is.... I'm sorry. That is not a good enough excuse for what that man did.

And I don't want anyone looking at me worrying if my Lyme Disease is going to make me commit such acts.

If we start claiming every evil SOB has Lyme Disease .... then we are setting ourselves up to be pigeonholed as incompetent mental cases that need to be admitted to some psych ward in order to prevent Lyme Rage attacks.

We would NOT get the progress people are thinking would come if "the truth about this illness comes out".... Because it wouldn't be the truth! The majority of those with Lyme Disease do not have Lyme Rage.

I understand there are serious cases of Lyme Rage where people do become a danger to themselves and others. But those cases are far and few between.

But if we start jumping onto every evil thing that happens insisting that the perpetrator has/had Lyme Disease.... we are setting ourselves up to be stripped of EVERYTHING we have worked so hard for thus far.

This topic has completely sickened me.

No one I know who has Lyme Disease would EVER do what that man did. Ever.

What that man did was not an act of rage. It was not a Lyme Rage attack. It was not spontaneous and a "fly off the handle" kind of thing.

What that man did was premeditated. He thought about it for weeks, months probably. He planned it carefully and with great detail. And then he executed his plan in a cold evil manner. He was not a man suffering from Lyme Rage.

There is such a thing as mental illness OUTSIDE of Lyme Disease. Mental illness, psychopaths, sociopaths - those do exist without any links to Lyme.

And to even hint that such a thing is an important "excuse" is terrible.

Children died that day. No matter the reason why.... Children died that day.

That is what we should be talking about. Those children are what we should be focusing on.

Not the man who took their lives.

People are messed up.

Those of us with Lyme Disease are desperate..... yes.

But if people are going to stoop to that level just to get attention for Lyme Disease.... Today is a day I'm disgusted to be in such a community.

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