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neuro symptoms

Day 3 of treatment - high dose antibiotics. The Probenecid enhances the Amoxicillin.

Having serious nerological symptoms. Not sure if this is herx or lyme surge. I needed my inhaler 3 times today due to a cold. No way around it. Down side of having asthma and Lyme.

Very twitchy. Sorry if I miss typos.

I was okay this morning and afternoon. Family was meeting for dinner and Christmas lights. I decided I wanted to try to go. I didn't want to miss out. I miss out on so much already....

Big mistake.

Halfway through dinner the vertigo hit. Then dizziness on top of vertigo - the two are horrible. I'm laying in bed right now feeling as if I'm on a boat...the room rocking violently.

I haven't been in a car at night in ages. This was another mistake. The lights of the cars at night completely overstimulated my nervous system.

I've been jerking and twitching since getting home. Walking like a puppet - choppy sudden movements. My muscles feel wound up so tight, yet everything feels disjointed. It feels like I'm so tense, yet nothing is connecting. I haev to watch my fingers to make them move.

My tongue feels numb. My lips feel numb. I feel like I can't swallow.

My tongue is pressing so hard against the roof of my mouth and I can't stop it. My head jerks to the side like someone snapping a rubber band.

It's bad. Really bad. Neuro symptoms are worse than I thought.

Really hoping this is a herx. That would be a  good sign. Die off. But means it is going to be a long road. Very long.

I feel so unreal right now.

Humans don't move like this... I feel fake... a mannequin....

This is what Lyme does.
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