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Don't judge my stripey pants!

This time of year seems to bring on more symptoms. It might be the weather, it might be the craziness of birthdays (many family birthdays Nov - Dec) and holidays, it's probably a mix of both.

Some of it is my current treatment. The hectic week of Thanksgiving put a kink in my ramping up, and so I ramped up after a long overdue period and threw myself into a massive herx.

Before that, the neuro symptoms were creeping up, over the course of about 6 weeks.

I'm having a lot of word confusion:

Forgetting words or having the word but not being able to get it out.

Replacing words for similar sounding ones if someone is speaking to me - Example: I'm trying to say - I need to go to the store, but someone is talking about soup, I will say: "I need to go to the soup" and I don't even notice I've replaced a word until the person I'm talking to says something.

Interchanging nouns - Example: "Put the counter on the bread" instead of "Put the bread on the counter." or "The walker is in the baby" instead of "The baby is in the walker".

Forgetting how to do things - I forgot how to type for a few hours the other week. It is the freakiest feeling ever - forgetting how to do something you KNOW you have done millions of times before. I forgot how to drive the other day - I had to sit in the parking lot for almost half an hour. At least it isn't like the times I forget how to drive while waiting at a stop light!

I'm extra twitchy. I flung hot veggies at my mother the other day. Didn't mean to... my arm twitched. It's mostly my left arm, but occasionally my right arm or my leg or whole body just jerks. My neck has been twitchy. My head bobbling and rocking...

Nerve pain.... serious nerve pain. Full body skin nerve pain and sporadic shooting stabbing burning pain. The ones that come from the inside out... I can actually feel it spiraling outward.

Anyway... that's the reason I'm writing....

I had an appointment today and needed to run an errand. Errand running is far and few between. It takes a lot out of me, so I don't do it often. Normally I try to get everything online so it is delivered right to my door. But I needed some things and so decided it was worth the energy.

While out I noticed a lot of people looking at me. Not really staring but just taking notice. At first I thought - Man... I must REALLY be twitchy today! Or off balance.... something. But then I figured out it was because of my pants.

I was wearing fleece pajama pants..... Stripey fleece pajama pants to be exact.

The photo was to show the adorable puppy sweater to someone LOL... Ignore the cute sweater...those are the pants. They are brighter than the photo shows.

I laughed. Here I can be as twitchy as a bobble head on a dashboard and no one pays attention... but I step out wearing florescent striped fleece pajama pants and suddenly people look at me funny!

I wanted to stop and tell all those people..... Hey! That's right! I'm wearing PAJAMAS... in PUBLIC! Don't judge my stripey pants! I'm so freaking happy I can actually wear something without it feeling like my skin is being ripped off! Rub some sand paper on your arms while standing in a freezer... that's how fabric feels on my skin.

I will LIVE in these pants for however long this nerve pain remains flaring. I seriously AM happy that I can wear clothes that don't irritate things more.

Lyme Disease has made me much more tolerant of people. I don't get frustrated or annoyed with much anymore. Before I knew about the Lyme I was pretty tolerant, but I still had days when if I was in a hurry I'd get annoyed if someone was walking too slow or taking too long.

Now..... Now I am that person walking too slow and taking too long. So I have nothing but compassion for others.... I don't wish this on anyone... but I do wish people could walk in another person's shoes for a few days.... maybe there would be more compassion and patience in this world.

For my fellow Lyme Fighters.... I got them at Target. They are on sale for $10. They come with a shirt... I don't care for the shirt LOL I like the pants.
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