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Day one

Not sure I will be able to update daily, but will give it a go...

Right now I feel fluish. If I hadn't felt like this so many times before, I'd think I was getting the flu. But I know this is a Babesia thing.... and part of it starting the treatment.

The Mepron always makes my nose run or a lot of congestion to start coming out. In a day or two my cough will get really wet and productive.

Mepron also makes my tongue yellow. Once again I'm hoping for the "yellowing vision" side effect... (that's sarcasm)

Babesia flare - I'm feverish. Body chills, headache, light sensitivity.

I need to do more reading on the Probenecid and Plaquenil. But I think so far so good.

I'm dizzy. Could be a med... could be the fever.

I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight. I've been pushing myself too much the last few days and I need to stop now. I have to rest. I wont' be able to handle the treatment if I don't.
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