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Salt and Sugar Detox scrubs

I've started to have some herx-like symptoms, so today I made some ginger salt detox scrub. I know there are products available for this, but it's easy and much cheaper to make your own. Plus you can add more or less of things depending on the need.

I googled Homemade Salt Scrub and figured out the basic "recipe". Salt and Sugar scrubs are basically the same - but one uses Sea Salt and the other uses Natural Sugar.

I went to my local farmer's market and bought a bag of bulk ground ginger, a bulk container of sea salt, and then back home to mix it all up.

I mixed 2 cups of Sea Salt with 2 cups of coconut oil. This is the basic foundation for ANY scrub. You can use olive oil or jojoba oil instead of coconut.

Then I added 2/3 C ground ginger, 1/4 C cinnamon, and 1/4 C clove. Mixed it all together in a nice paste and dumped it in a glass jar.

See? That easy!

For other scrubs you can use essential oils. I'm going to make a Peppermint Tea Tree oil (lovely combination) scrub tomorrow for a little variety. For that I will use essential oils. Another good combination would be Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils.

Before a bath or shower, when you are going to do your dry brushing... rub a little of the scrub on and then do the brushing.

It helped with some of the pain, more than just dry skin brushing.... And I smell like a cookie now LOL :)

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